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Equity - Banner Exchange Engine


Iperbanner is a innovative, high performance free banner exchange system.
Scambio visite, impression gratuite.
Iperbanner runs Equity Engine: this guarantee variable ratio dinamically determined by quality traffic.

Ratio starts from 3:2. Another autmatic level set ratio exchange to 1:1. Third level permit an excellent 2:3!
If you make quality traffic, Iperbanner show 3 impression even 2.

One valid click determine 20 impressions.

Signup and increase your traffic promotion: you'll get 1000 impression free!

Adult, serials, cracks are not permitted.


Statistiche banner rotation
Pro Stat
- High quality daily and montlhy stats.
- Support daily impressions in and out.
- Sipport and log daily click in and out.
- Real time graph engine.
- Banner upload (no traffic for your site).
- 3 banner per site..
- Auto roration.
- Daily ratio analysys per banner.
Gestione grafica
- Manage ADV style.
- High customizable.
Equity engine

- Automatic variable ratio.
- High visibility for all (Equity
- Anti fraud detection system
- Only for serious webmaster

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Iperbanner Free banner exchange.
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